Production and software company with an in-house scientific and medical team

We specialise in medical marketing and education via cutting edge multimedia solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry

Multimedia marketing of your portfolio

Our company’s added value is its ability to combine a medical/scientific text with custom-made multimedia content.

We are ready to enhance the marketing of your portfolio using a multimedia environment in various stages of the product lifecycle.

  • Launch of a new drug group
  • Launch of a new product
  • Launch of a new indication
  • Resurrection marketing of existing products
  • PR for the public (general and professional)
  • Educational projects for universities
  • Healthcare professional trainings
  • Patient education and stories
  • Effective research presentation

3D Stereoscopy ​

animation and filming


Virtual reality

360-degree animation with interactive points and VR simulations

Augmented reality

connection of print and digital environments


Applications for mobile devices

for iOS and Android platforms


Online marketing platforms

of the Interactive library type

Our online solutions

Effective presentation of scientific research

Illustrate your scientific research, be better understood and establish new collaborations

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Check out our subpage, where you will learn more detailed information about effective presentations of scientific research.
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Online solutions for pharmaceutical marketing

Transform the current situation into an opportunity, switch your marketing to an online form and explore

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Check out our subpage, where you will learn more detailed information about online solutions for pharmaceutical marketing.
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Visual multi-channel continuum​

We strive to design our projects using multi-channel marketing through our proprietary VMC (visual multi-channel continuum) system

This gives clients the ability to use a variety of communication channels within a single project/campaign.

Overcome short attention span

Average human attention span is as short as 8 seconds. We use visual storytelling and latest technologies to catch the attention of your audience and make your communication effective.

Did you know a 3D projection can increase engagement of audience two times compared to 2D projection?

Truly engage your audience

Let people interact with your message and understand it in a way that suits them most. Our interactive media and software solutions let them truly engage.

Studies reveal that education using interactive multimedia content results in highest rates of users satisfaction.

Outgrow your competition

Set yourself apart from the competition. Associate your brand with modern technologies and improve your market position.

Brand awareness have positive impact on your market outcome – using progressive methods in marketing can increase positive perception of your company and products.

You can trust our scientists

Our in-house scientific and medical team has more than 10 years of experience with educational and marketing projects. Leverage our expertise to get quick results.

We cooperate with best medical specialists, molecular biologists and scientists in the field of every project. Save time of your medicals – they only need to review and approve the content we prepare.


Our team