Online solutions for pharmaceutical marketing

Transform the current situation into an opportunity, switch your marketing to an online form and explore new possibilities

Online interactive education

Online interactive forms of education are among the most efficient even in common times, but now when social distancing is required to fight the spread of Coronavirus, there is no better way to promote your products.

Use explanatory animations to reveal the main benefits of your products to literally anyone. Or would you rather let your clients explore the mechanisms of actions of your products in an interactive way? This is all possible on our online platform with interactive WebGL virtual reality. No hardware devices nor installation of additional software is needed! It simply runs on all web browsers.

Visit our Interactive Library demo page to find out more.

Track, analyze, improve

Take advantage of online marketing – it is much easier to track every interaction of the users with your content compared to non-web based marketing methods. This allows you to create detailed analysis of user’s behaviour which results in much shorter improvement cycles. Find out what didn’t work as expected today and deploy an improved version tomorrow.

Our online platforms not only provide convenient ways for your clients to learn, but also for you to find out more about their behavior and easily adapt to their needs.

Personalize your marketing and win your clients

Imagine you were about to explain what a heart-attack to your child and to your colleague is. You wouldn’t use the exact same word for both of them, would you? You would adapt the explanation to fit their mental capabilities. And that is the main idea of personalization.

By adapting the used text and visuals to target groups or even individuals, we can greatly increase the impact of your marketing.

Improve performance of your emailing campaigns

How would you like if your email campaigns had higher open and click rates?

We can use all knowledge about email marketing and maximise open rates for your emailing by technical improvements. For example by using dedicated IP addresses to minimize the possibility of being marked as SPAM or sending the message in optimal time to each recipient to increase the chance of their opening.

What’s more, when you use strong customized visuals, you can grab attention and make the user act, not only open the email. And we can help you with all of that.