Effective presentation of scientific research

Illustrate your scientific research, be better understood and establish new collaborations

The story of SAFTRA Photonics

Saftra Photonics is a Slovak high-tech company founded as a spin-off at Pavel Jozef Šafárik University in Košice in 2014. They developed the PickMol product – a patented and proven solution that brings progress in measuring water pollution. Thanks to a visually attractive presentation which simply demonstrated the technology, they managed to succeed in several competitions.

Your research deserves more

Have you also been through this? Years of hard work in the laboratory, writing articles, giving lectures… Finally, your own or your team’s idea is born, a real discovery, something new. The exciting phase of presenting the vision to investors, multinational companies, colleagues and other scientific institutions begins.

Presentation of research of ABC transporters of the Slovak Academy of Sciences

The study of ABC transporters at the Center for Biosciences of the Slovak Academy of Sciences deals with the highly topical theme of the development of multidrug resistance (MDR) in hematooncological diseases

Online presentation of research in an interactive form

ISA - interactive scientific article

In the online space, you can present your research to a wide audience via our multimedia platform – Interactive Library. On this platform, we combine animations, interactive VR, images and scientific text with the possibility of personalizing content for different categories of customers

Presentation of Biomedical Centre Martin - BioMed Martin

Biomedical Centre Martin is the most extensive and the most important project of the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin which opened up new horizons for research, development and innovation in the field of health. That is why it needed the best possible visual presentation produced by MMM team.

Online presentation of Biomedical Centre with interactive visualisation


At Glycanostics, they have developed an early-stage, highly accurate and unique cancer diagnostic test.  The patented technology for screening cancers detects changes in a glycan attached to a protein in the blood and covers possible diagnostics of eleven types of cancer. Cancer cells release increased levels of glycoproteins into the bloodstream. These glycoproteins, so-called biomarkers, are cancer antigens and are used in the detection of cancer from human blood. Minute amounts of serum are needed for testing. The Glycanostics testing technology is based on antibody-coated magnetic particles to selectively extract the desired biomarker from the serum. Finally the optical signal is generated in the event that the sample contains a biomarker produced by cancer cells.